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Valentine’s Day Dinner in Delhi

Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, the wedding season is well underway and the food industry has begun to crank out romantic desserts for the occasion. As we head into the wedding season, you’ll soon find the same trends turning up everywhere – with some eating establishments offering Valentine’s Day dinner in Delhi. The following are the places offering Valentine’s Day dinners in Delhi.

Times Square, NYC. For Valentine’s Day Dinner in Delhi, the popular venue will feature red velvet popcorn, tarts, chocolates, and deserts. Offering a unique twist on standard snacks, the ‘Bloody Mary’ is a Bloody Mary bar made of vodka, lemon, and white chocolate ice-cream served with orange juice, ginger ale, and fresh ginger. This is followed by a one-course meal consisting of cheesecake, oysters, eggplant parmesan, and ravioli.

Valentines is probably the best day to go out for a day, whether it is an elaborate and lengthy affair or just an afternoon picnic with your partner. It is almost too romantic to contemplate, especially for couples who are in the market for marriage. However, if your Valentine wants something more sophisticated, there are still a number of restaurants and clubs in Delhi that you can attend, enjoying one of the best meals of the year, and some of the best food to boot. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the following:

* The Cheesecake Factory is known for its elegant cuisine and has been in the business for over seventy years. If you want a romantic meal in a classic setting with a select group of people who share your love for good food, this is the place for you.

* Meanwhile, in the heart of New York City, Valentines Dinner in Delhi is held at the famed Four Seasons Hotel. Specializing in European delicacies, the Chefs of Four Seasons offers a range of romantic nights catering to couples who would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

* Many acclaimed restaurants have their own tasting menu. You can choose from the following: wine and cheese at Yacht Club or seafood at Marea al Menu or the Mediterranean at Pho Banh Mi at Pho Thap. These are the restaurants catering to sophisticated tastes, a luxury experience not to be missed.

* The White Chocolate Cafe is known for its two Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse. His restaurants include the Cuisine à la Nuit in Paris and The Uptown in Minneapolis. This restaurant offers the ideal opportunity to sample the flavours of delicious desserts.

* Just for Valentine’s Evening: This place in Vasant Vihar offers fine dining and is worth exploring. The breakfast set is on a bed of golden florets and the Italian dishes are delectable.

You can also book in a Romantic Dinner Event at “The House” in Noida. A romantic setting, an assortment of fine wines and food and a host of entertainment options make this a perfect night for two. The six-course menu will allow you to taste fine wine and dine alfresco in this romantic ambiance.

Many people prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day in pubs and restaurants instead of eating out. But while eating in a restaurant can be fun, there is nothing quite like dining out in a newly-opened eatery and creating memories. If you are a fan of India and all things Indian, consider sampling the food and watching the atmosphere as you savour the rich food and spices.

While youare dining out, get the date to a restaurant in the Delhi region where you can watch a dance performance to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. You will then find yourself surrounded by the light of the moon and the feel of a jubilant crowd on the dance floor. In Delhi, the biggest nightlife hub, you will find the Valentine’s Day Celebration.

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Valentines Day Table Decoration in Gurgaon

Valentines Day Decoration in Gurgaon 

Valentines Day Table Decoration in Gurgaon:- Planning to throw a romantic surprise for him/her this valentine’s day? Want to make them feel special and sweep them off their feet?

These cute valentine’s day decorations at home will surely spice up your love life.

valentines day decoration in south Delhi

1. Copy Paste Date (Cost – Rs. 14999/-)

valentines day decoration in south delhi

Includes –

  • Rooftop or hall décor with rose petals, balloons and other decorative items such as lanterns, led lights, hanging hearts, heart curtain, etc.
  • Romantic Candlelight table set up for dinner
  • Cabana setup
  • HD Projector and screen (size 6ftx4ft)
  • Sigdi/ Mist fan for rooftop (depending on season)

Add-ons –

  • ½ kg cake – 550/-
  • 25 rose Bouquet+ ½ kg cake combo – 1200/-
  • Guitarist – 3500/-

Need to know –

  • Our team will contact you after your booking to discuss the details of your décor for a more customized experience.
  • Book this package at least 2 days in advance
  • This package is curated specially for rooftop. If the client wishes this to be done in the living room/hall, please make sure that the hall is big enough for the cabana setup.

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2. First valentine (Cost – Rs. 2999/-)

valentines day table decoration in gurgaon

Includes –

  • 200 balloon pack with mixed 100 printed and heart-shaped balloons
  • Message foil balloon-like “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary” or “I Love You” foil balloon
  • 5 Heart-shaped foil balloons
  • 24 pics

Add-ons –

  • ½ kg cake – 500/-
  • 25 rose Bouquet+ ½ kg cake combo – 1200/-
  • 5 led balloons – 150/-
  • Add a fairy light – 200/-
  • 50 Candles rose petals décor- 600/-
  • Half kg rose petal décor – 350/-
  • Add 50 ceiling balloons with ribbons – 400/-
  • Add 50-floor balloons – 300/-
  • Add a Red Heart Shaped foil balloon – 100/-
  • Add a Number/Letter foil Balloon – 100/-
  • Add 50 printed/heart shape balloons – 400/-
  • Guitarist – 3500/-

Need to know-

  • This package can be booked for the same date but please confirm same-day availability before purchasing by calling or WhatsApp at 9810691926.
  • This package has to be booked at least 6 hours before the time of starting of the decoration.
  • Our team will take around 1 hour to complete this setup from the time of arrival.
  • Add-ons may take additional time depending on what you choose.
  • You can get this decoration at any place i.e. your home, office, etc. Hotels usually do not allow to decorate their rooms but if you get their permission we will do so.

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